Stuff I Would Like for Christmas and Beyond

Olan Rogers makes the best tees. 

Fearless Wolf, Battle Bear, Space Deer


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Ravenclaw Quidditch (Bronze) by Lumos ϟ Nox




Seriously, guys, have you seen these shirts?  This site is like a goldmine!


Omg the pizza roll one


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Wicked Clothes presents: the Tri-Blend ’A Woman’s Place’ Shirt!

A woman’s place is in the House and the Senate.

Despite being half of the population, women only make up 18.3% of the United States Congress. That’s a number that certainly needs to increase. Sport this shirt to show your support for current and aspiring women in politics.

On top of being on sale for a limited time, use coupon code ‘1000NOTES’ for an EXTRA 10% off your ENTIRE order! Hurry and order now!

Ooooooooh NEED

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MacLaren’s Pub Shirt! I’m lovin this website!

MacLaren’s Pub Shirt! I’m lovin this website!

JUST THE TOP ONE (follow the link to


As part of our increased efforts to find the great stuff that nerdfighters create and make it available at DFTBA, here are two new shirts from nerdfighter Marina, who designed the great Holden Caulfield Thinks You’re a Phony shirt. Now you can brag about your excellent literary taste while also supporting a talented young nerdfighter. Yay for shirts about books!

Daisy Buchanan Thinks You’re a Beautiful Fool.

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